Align Gallery Celebrates Latino History

An exhibition series showcasing the rich and colorful history of the Latino community. These three events will be held on September 12th, October 10th, and October 24th.

Community can be achieved in many ways and is more than just coincidental proximity. Using art as a conduit for unity, Align Gallery plans to utilize their sacred space to display the creations of many different and talented minds. Align Gallery located in Highland Park is proud to honor Latino History Month with three unique exhibits, each showcasing a series of various activists and artists throughout September and October. Not just an exhibition of Latino art, but also a showcase of artists from various backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, who are all celebrating their appreciation for this rich and vivid heritage. A percentage of the proceeds raised from all three events will be donated to The Roybal Foundation.

The Latino Appreciation Exhibition Series

Align’s opening group-show premieres during the NELA art walk on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Titled “Podemos y Hacemos” (We Can And We Will), the event will showcase the work of Margaret Garcia, Barbara Carrasco, Pola Lopez, Lili Bernard, Nychole Owens, Donna Bates, Laura Lacamara, Mayte Escobar, Miriam Jackson, Bonnie Lambert, Lilia Ramirez, Loushana Roybal-Rose, Daniel Ramirez and Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo. The focus of this show is to emphasize the power and presence of female influences within Latino history — whether they be mothers, activists, artists, or icons, Latino culture has many unsung heroines and Align Gallery is happy to be in the forefront of exhibiting culturally relevant and emotionally moving art.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, the gallery event “Man Of The People”  is a tribute to the late Edward R. Roybal and will feature the work of artists Wayne Healy, Robert Delgado, Leo Limon, John M. Valadez, J. Micheal Walker, Oscar Magallanes, Javi Herrera, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Jimmy Centeno, Michael Gomez Burton, David Botello, and Loushana Roybal Rose, co-owner of Align Gallery as well as granddaughter of Edward and Lucille Roybal. Loushana Rose’s blood relation to Edward Roybal makes this a truly special event as she intimately connects the activism of the past, the art of the present, and Edward Roybal‘s continuous impact on future generations.

On October 24, 2005, the inspirational Edward R. Roybal passed away leaving behind a legacy of change that will forever be remembered. In traditional Dias De Los Muertos fashion, Align will celebrate his life achievements on Saturday, October 24, 2015 by hosting a fundraiser for the Roybal Foundation which encourages and fosters the importance of community through art, health, equality and awareness. A memorial alter for both Edward and Lucille will be displayed along with a family and friend panel discussing the history of Los Angeles, specifically Boyle Heights, and the remarkable lives of the Roybals.

About Edward R. Roybal

Edward R. Roybal was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 10, 1916 where he and his family only resided for six years. In 1922, his father relocated their family to Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles which fortuitously changed the trajectory of his life. After graduating high school in 1934, Roybal joined the Civil Conservation Corps, a public work-relief program that provided unskilled manual labor jobs for unemployed men between the ages of 17 and 28.
After serving his time in the CCC, Roybal studied business at UCLA and law at Southwestern University. He also served time in the army during World War II as an accountant for an infantry unit. Deeply immersed and connected to his local Latino community, he not only wanted to help the voices of this community be heard, but wanted to make a true impact in Latino-American culture. Roybal transitioned from a public health worker for the TB Association to politics when, after a defeat in 1945 for a Los Angeles city council seat, he was one of the main founders of the Community Service Organization that planned one ofbiggest registration drives in the history of that time.

Roybal ran again and won a seat in the Los Angeles City Council in 1949 which he held for 13 years and in 1963 he won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives which he served for 30 years. He utilized his political positions as a spokesman for minority groups, the elderly, the poor and the physically challenged. Roybal was an advocate of subsidized low-cost public housing, health care, and many other human rights issues. While in Congress, he was the co-founder of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Founder of NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. The Center for Disease Control named their campus after Roybal for his consistent funding while he served on the appropriations committee, and there are many Edward R. Roybal Institutes on Aging all over the U.S. Making an impact on the entire Latino community not just in Los Angeles but nationwide, Roybal will forever be remembered as a beacon of light and change.

The Roybal Foundation

Founded in 1985, this year marks the foundation’s 30th anniversary. The Lucille and Edward R. Roybal Foundation commemorates their legacy of leadership and service to their local, and national, community. Their mission statement reads:

    The Lucille and Edward R. Roybal Foundation provides internships/scholarships to     students pursuing careers in health care and financial assistance to programs and     facilities dedicated to health care and/or health education, thereby carrying forward its     founders’ legacy of leadership and community service.

The Roybal Foundation has provided aid to nearly 240 students nationwide totaling over $720,000 in scholarships. The organization’s internship program not only provides financial assistance to students in the field of health but also places students in local universities such as: California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA) School of Nursing, The University of Southern California (USC) Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Nursing Program, and California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH).

Edward R. Roybal’s legacy has come full circle as his granddaughter, Loushana, hopes to also make an impact and create change within the same community he so deeply cherished. Where Roybal utilized politics and social work to strengthen the community, Loushana will utilize art.


Align Gallery Presents "Frequency" by Gabriel Benavidez

Align Gallery Presents the Metal Sculptures of Gabriel Benavidez

Los Angeles, CA - Align Gallery in Highland Park is proud to present a new solo exhibition which will be highlighting the work of metal sculptor and Los Angeles native, Gabriel Benavidez. In this show titled Frequency, Benavidez will be exploring the tonal connections between metal and sound. The invisible power of vibrations are felt, not seen, keeping us in touch with our intuitions. By interacting with his pieces and sending various vibrations through them, he creates a multi-sensational experience where sound, space, touch and vision align.  

On Saturday, July 11th, Benavidez will transform Align Gallery into a metallic Wonderland of hypnotic sculptures that blend the lines between art and industry as well as modern and ancient. Though metal has long since been used to create art, Benavidez experiments with a new approach, both in how it is created and how it is displayed, making his work a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

In addition to the work of Benavidez, Align will be showcasing live art by muralist Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo, a well known spray-can artist who has taken part in numerous conservation efforts within street art culture.

There will be vendors, live music, and food available creating a sensory microcosm of art and culture. By bringing the community together under the banner of art, Align Gallery is creating a space for inspired minds to flourish.

About Gabriel Benavidez

Hailing from the bottomless artistic well of Los Angeles, Benavidez discovered his passion for art through his professional career as a metal set worker in the film industry.  Working long hours on hit movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Fast and the Furious, and Iron Man, he reclaimed discarded scrap metal and reformed it into indigenous, Mexican-inspired sculptures.

His hands and visions work in synchronicity to bring to life ornately welded Toltec jaguars, warrior hummingbirds and skeletal figures, honoring the duality of life and death. Another theme that carriers through his work is his depictions of flowers. “They represent human kind and Toltec indigenous belief that we are strong like steel awaiting to blossom in the garden of the universe,” explains Benavidez.

There is a Toltec adage which teaches that nothing in this realm is unnecessary or worthless. By using reclaimed scrap metal as his medium, he takes that which was once refuse and gives it new meaning and dignity. A reflection of his own personal journey as he evolved from his youth in a street gang to an adult with a passion, he welded and sculpted his way into a successful art career.

About Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo

One of the earliest innovators of the street art genre, Los Angeles-based Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo celebrates his roots in graffiti art by splashing symphonies of color onto public places. His distinct visual style and aesthetics have made him a well respected artist in the genre. Nuke will be working symbiotically with Benavidez, remarking that “we are on the same frequency,” when describing their relationship.

Montalvo is perpetually seeking to share his work with new eyes and cultures by always shifting his medium from repurposing toys to re-contextualizing common materials. Nuke’s heart, mind, and soul is deeply immersed in creating murals, however as he evolves, so does his work. Drawing inspiration from working outside in the community, he is on an unquenchable quest to slake his thirst for art, always dipping his mind into new pools of art making.

Musical Entertainment

Music plays an integral role in the life of any artist. This event will feature electronic music DJs who will provide a pulsating soundtrack to the vibrating array of sensations created by the artists and attendees. Corazon and Jeremy Roberts are currently the two confirmed acts performing and will undoubtedly keep the beats pulsating.

Sunspot Jonz and Align Gallery Present Father's Day Movie Night

Fathers play an important role in all of our lives. Aside from being creators of life, they are cultivators of life, always teaching, loving and guiding. Fathers are not just biological but a symbol of strength and protection. They come in many forms, some are related by blood and some are not. Join us at Align gallery as we celebrate the love of all the different father figures in our lives.

A twist to the usual array of independent films shown at Music Box Theater nights, we will be screening select short films that honor Father figures of all kinds. Creating a family friendly atmosphere, we invite your whole family to celebrate with us.

We will be offering a BBQ chicken plate for $10, hamburgers and cheeseburgers for $5, and hot dogs for $4. The Father's Day Movie Night is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family and the families of your community.

Share some laughs, enjoy some good BBQ and contribute your good vibes to our Father's Day Movie Night presented by Sunspot Jonz and Align Gallery tonight from 6pm-10pm

Happy Father's Day!