Align Gallery is a contemporary art space that is committed to growing and creating a community that fosters the multidisciplinary exploration of various art mediums. The featured artists offer a buffet of inspiration for new artists, established artists, and art-lovers of all kinds. Located in the heart of Highland Park, we seek to empower the creative spirit to push beyond convention by presenting a rich local heritage as well as amplifying the voices of various global cultures.

Align Gallery was established in early 2015 by Loushana Roybal-Rose and Selamawit Mekonen. As artists and Los Angeles residents, Loushana and Selam are interested in reshaping their community by organizing unique art exhibitions that speak as loudly as words through the language of visual art. While each exhibit is diverse and one-of-a-kind, they all share a common credo: to share art is to share vision, and visions are what change the world.